Thinking of Applying to Oxford or Cambridge?

If you or a member of your family are thinking about applying to Oxford or Cambridge, the Society will be happy to introduce you to an alumnus/a and to a family that has recently gone through the admission process with whom you can discuss the many issues and questions you may have, such as:

· What were their experiences of the admissions process like?

· What is a college and how can you choose between them?

· How can you decide what subject to study?

· What is the tutorial/supervision system and what is it like?

If you would like to be introduced to an alumnus/a, fill in and submit the form below. We’ll connect you with a recent graduate of the university you’re more interested in, and if you already have an idea about the most appropriate college, we’ll try to connect you with someone from that college. Aside from those connections, your details are held confidentially.

We can also introduce you to the family of a current student who is willing to share with you some of their experiences and insights from going through the application process and give you some practical tips.

Speaking to a former or current student can be an excellent way of hearing their personal perspectives and experiences, but please note that they are unable to give concrete guidance on admissions. For information about applying to the University, please see the relevant webpages for Oxford and Cambridge, or contact admissions staff at the University in which you are interested.

College Counsellors

International admissions personnel from Oxford and Cambridge make periodic visits to the U.S. In the form below please select whether you wish to be connected to these Counsellors, or to an alumnus/family, or both.

Oxbridge Enquiry