About the Society

A short history of the society is available and provides interesting background information. The Society is a Massachusetts 501 c (7) corporation.

Current Officers of the Society 2018 - 2020

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Mr. Jason Ng*, President

Ms. Amanda Weis Perrone*, Vice President & OxCam10 Coordinator

Dr. William Leaf-Herrmann*, Treasurer

Mr. David Manns*, Membership Secretary

Ms. Mary Gardill*, Clerk

Ms. Mely Wu, Assistant Clerk

Additional Members of the Advisory Committee & Chairs of sub-Committees

Dr. Adam Apt, Speakers Chair

Mr. Tom Beddall

Prof. Dona Cady *

Mr. Nick Copley

Dr. Ralph Gillis

Ms. Elizabeth Guckenheimer

Ms. Lorie Komlyn

Dr. John Lambert

Ms. Sarah Leaf-Herrmann, Events Chair

Dr. William Leaf-Herrmann

Dr. Richard Mansfield

Mr. Stephen McCarthy *

Mr. Mike Ratcliffe

Dr. Ashley Stevens

Prof. Sasha Tipper

Georgios Varsos, PhD

Dr. Valerie Warrior

* also serve on Board of Directors

Past Presidents of the Society

Prof. Radu Florescu 1974-1984

Mr. Roland Gubisch 1984-1986

Dr. Jillian Strang 1986-1988

Mr. John Paine 1988-1990

Dr. Howard Schott 1990-1992

Prof. Linn Hobbs 1992-1994

Dr. Neil Law Malcolm 1994-1996

Dr. Adam Jared Apt 1996-1998

Dr. Angelyn Konugres Coupounas 1998-2000

Dr. Karen Sasha Tipper 2000-2002

Dr. John Lambert 2002-2004

Mr. Nick Copley 2004-2006

Dr. Ralph Gillis 2006-2008

Mr. Stephen McCarthy 2008-2010

Mr. David Manns 2010-2012

Dr. Belinda Wilkes 2012-2014

Prof. Dona Cady 2014-2016

Dr. William Leaf-Herrmann 2016-2018

Dr. Ashley Stevens 2018-2020