Past Events

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Highlights from just some of the older events. Click on the linked titles to find out about these earlier events.

Spring Dinner with Jonathan McDowell
Algonquin Club, Saturday March 23, 2013

6th Annual Burns Nicht
Cambridge Boat Club, Saturday January 12, 2013

Christmas Dinner with Andrew Berry
Mt Ida College, Saturday December 15, 2012

Head of the Charles Regatta
Sunday October 21, 2012

Dinner with Hedrick Smith
Algonquin Club, Wednesday October 3, 2012

New Member Reception with John & Tessa Hedley-Whyte
Russell Museum at MGH, Tuesday September 18, 2012

Prentice Cup Tennis at Longwood
Wednesday August 8, 2012

Boat Race Dinner with John Ochsendorf
Saturday June 9, 2012

Spring Dinner with Belinda Wilkes
Saturday March 17, 2012

Burns Nicht 
Saturday January 14, 2012

Saturday, December 10th
Thursday, November 10th

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011
Thursday October 6, 2011

Wednesday September 14, 2011

Thursday July 14, 2011

Saturday 4 June 2011

Saturday 19 March 2011

Saturday 12 March 2011

Saturday 15 January 2011

Saturday 11 December 2010

Sunday 24 October 2010

Cricket at Longwood Cricket Club
Saturday 23 October, 2010

Actors' Shakespeare Project: "Timon of Athens"
Friday June 11, 2010

Boat Race Dinner with Jane Portal
Saturday May 22, 2010

Spring Dinner with Alice Prochaska
Saturday March 27, 2010

Burns Nicht
Saturday January 16, 2010

Christmas Dinner with Janet Browne
Saturday December 12, 2009

Reception with Eugene Rogan
Sunday, November 22nd 2009

Head of the Charles
18th October 2009

Boat Race Dinner with Martha Lufkin
31st May 2009

Peabody-Essex Museum Tour
2nd May 2009

Reception and talk by Jonathan Zittrain,
with the Yale Club
21st April 2009

Dinner and talk by Sir Brian Donnelly
with the English Speaking Union
16th April 2009

Spring Dinner with James Collins
Saturday 28 March 2009

Burns Nicht
16th January 2009

Huntington Theater Evening "The Corn is Green"
9th January 2009

Christmas Dinner with Piet van Boxel
Saturday 6th December 2008

Reception with Simon Johnson
Tuesday 11th November 2008

Head of the Charles
Sunday 19th October 2008
Reunion Village, Weeks Bridge

Cricket Match
Saturday 18th October 2008
Longwood Cricket Club

Evening at the ICA
Friday 8th August 2008

Boat Race Dinner with Dr. John Durant
Saturday 31st May 2008

Reception with Niall Ferguson
Wednesday 2nd April 2008

Spring Dinner with Simon Hoggart
Saturday 29th March 2008

Burns Nicht Dinner
18th January 2008
Cambridge Boat Club

Christmas/Holiday Dinner
8th December 2007
Roxbury Latin
with Jill Ker Conway

Head of the Charles
Saturday 20th October 2007

Theater Evening "The Thirty-Nine Steps"
Friday 14th September 2007

Longfellow House Tour
Thursday 12th July 2007

Boat Race Dinner
Sunday 3rd June 2007
with Doug Foy

Spring Dinner
Saturday 31st March 2007
Mt Ida College
with Hubert Murray

Darwin Exhibit, Museum Of Science
Sunday 4th March 2007
with Prof. Duncan Porter

Christmas/Holiday Dinner
3rd December 2006
Boston Athenaeum
with Rev. Prof. Peter Gomes

Lady Kenny
Dinner for Oxonians
Saturday 4th November 2006

Professor Alison Richard
Reception for Cantabrigians
Friday 10th November 2006

Head of the Charles
Saturday and Sunday 21st/22nd October 2006

Fall Reception
Thursday 5th October 2006
The Union Club, Boston
with Nick Patterson

Boat Race Dinner
Saturday 3rd June 2006
Cambridge Boat Club
with Sir Michael Atiyah

Spring Dinner
Saturday 8th April 2006
Showa Institute/British School
with Sir Terence and Lady English

Reception at MIT Museum
Sunday 5th February 2006
with John Durant

Christmas Dinner
Saturday 10th December 2005
Mount Ida College
with Prof. Frederick Schauer

Trafalgar Day Party
Friday 21st October 2005

Joe's American on the Boston Waterfront

Alumni Presentation & Fall Reception
Thursday 13th October 2005
The Union Club, Boston
with Una Ryan

British & Irish Universities Ball
Friday 23rd September 2005
Marlowe Hotel

Boat Race Dinner
Sunday 5th June 2005
Cambridge Boat Club
with Christopher Ricks

Presentation Evening & Spring Reception
Thursday 14th April 2005
Cambridge Boat Club
with Sir Richard Dearlove

Spring Dinner
Saturday 19th March 2005
Roxbury Latin School
with Professor Owen Gingerich

"The Far Side of the Moon"
Thursday 17th February 2005
with Gideon Lester

Christmas/Holiday Dinner
Saturday 11 December 2004
Mount Ida College
with Simon Winchester

Alumni Presentation Evening
Thursday 16th September 2004
Cambridge Boat Club
with Dr. Gilbert Strang

Boat Race Dinner
Sunday 6th June 2004
Cambridge Boat Club
with Nigel Hamilton

Family Picnic and Cricket Match
13th June 2004
The British School of Boston

Spring Dinner,  Saturday, 13 March 2004
Roxbury Latin School
with James Wood, Senior Editor, The New Republic
"Reminiscences of Student Life at Cambridge"

Christmas/Holiday Dinner
Saturday 20 December 2003
The Boston Athenaeum
with Dr. Joseph Stanislaw,
President, Cambridge Energy Research Associates

Boat Race Dinner, Sunday, 1 June 2003
Cambridge Boat Club

with Lady English, Principal, St Hilda’s College, Oxford

Spring Dinner. Sunday, 16 March 2003
Roxbury Latin School

with The Right Honourable Kim Campbell, Former Prime Minister, Canada

Christmas Dinner, Saturday, 21 December 2002
The Boston Athenæum

with Dr Richard Wendorf, Director and Librarian, Boston Athenæum
“Down 30 Years and still Sorting It Out”

Boat Race Dinner, Saturday, 1 June 2002
Cambridge Boat Club

with Kwame Anthony Appiah

Professor of Afro-American Studies and Philosophy, Harvard University

“Unbeing Oneself”

Spring Dinner, Sunday, 17 March 2002
Roxbury Latin School

with Anthony Smith, CBE. President, Magdalen College, Oxford
“The Elite University Today and Perhaps Tomorrow”

Christmas Dinner, Saturday, 15 December 2001
Mount Ida College

with Anita Desai, Novelist

Boat Race Dinner, Saturday, 2 June 2001
Noble & Greenough School

with Sir Ivor Roberts, KCMG
Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Republic of Ireland and Former Ambassador to Yugoslavia

Spring Dinner, Saturday, 17 March 2001
Roxbury Latin School

with Roscoe Suddarth, Former U.S. Ambassador to Jordan
“Middle East Challenges to the Bush Administration”

May Ball, Saturday, 3 June 2000
Noble and Greenough School

Spring Dinner, Saturday, 11 March 2000
Noble & Greenough School

with Sir Jeremy Isaacs, Former Director, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
“The Future of the Arts in the Age of Mass Culture”

Christmas Dinner, Saturday, 11 December 1999
Roxbury Latin School

with Dame Gillian Beer
President, Clare Hall and King Edward VII Professor of English Literature, Cambridge

“The Booker Prize – A Judge’s Experience”

Reception, Sunday, 10 October 1999
MIT Museum

with Jane Pickering,  Director, MIT Museum & Dr. Christopher Norris

Boat Race Dinner, Saturday, 29 May 1999
Noble & Greenough School

with Dr. Geoff Tabin
, Mountaineer and Physician

March Dinner, Saturday, 20 March 1999
Roxbury Latin School

with Sir John Boyd
Master, Churchill College, Cambridge, and Her Majesty’s Former Ambassador to Japan

“Churchill: A Mid-Atlantic View”

Christmas Dinner, Saturday, 19 December 1998
Noble & Greenough School

with Ambassador Charles Crawford, Her Majesty’s Former Ambassador to Bosnia
“Some Thoughts on Bosnia and Kosovo”

Boat Race Dinner, Saturday, 6 June 1998
Noble & Greenough School

with Hanna Holborn Gray, President Emerita, University of Chicago

March Dinner, Sunday, 29 March 1998
Roxbury Latin School

with Dr. Eric Anderson, Provost of Eton College

Christmas Dinner, Saturday, 6 December 1997
Boston Marriott Newton Hotel

with Dr. Rosemary A. Steven
Professor of History and Sociology of Science, University of Pennsylvania

Boat Race Dinner, Saturday, 24 May 1997
Noble & Greenough School

with Professor Mary Lefkowitz, Professor of Classical Studies, Wellesley College

March Dinner, Saturday, 15 March 1997
Roxbury Latin School

with Professor Christopher Ricks
Former King Edward VII Professor of English Literature, Cambridge

“A. E. Housman and ‘the colour of his hair’”

Christmas Dinner, Saturday, 7 December 1996
Noble & Greenough School

with Sir John Weston, British Permanent Representative to the United Nations

Boat Race Dinner, Saturday, 1 June 1996
Noble & Greenough School

with Sir Hans Kornberg, FRS, Former Master, Christ’s College, Cambridge

Spring Dinner, Saturday, 23 March 1996
Roxbury Latin School

with Baroness Perry of Southwark, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools in England

Christmas Dinner, Saturday, 9 December 1995
Noble & Greenough School

with Dr. Gordon Johnson,  President, Wolfson College, Cambridge

Other Speakers have included:

Richard Bradley

David Burns

Daniel Coquillette

J.K. Galbraith

Gillian Gill

Peter Gomes (three times)

H.D.S. Greenway

John Habbakkuk

Seamus Heaney

Christopher Hogwood

Anthony Howard

Roy Jenkins

Jay Keyser

Hugh Lloyd-Jones

Roderick McFarquhar

Philip McLean

Ved Mehta

Mary Moore

Robert Reich

Christopher Ricks (at least twice, maybe three times)

Malcolm Rogers

John Sears

Hedrick Smith (twice)

Meg Vaillancourt

Shirley Williams

Head of Arnold Arboretum