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Trafalgar Day Party

October 21, 2005 Boston

On October 21, 2005 over sixty Society members, members of British and Irish Universities (BIU), friends, and expats gathered in a nautically decorated room at Joe's American on the Boston Waterfront to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar - Boston's contribution to the worldwide celebrations.

While 200 years later, press gangs, rum rations, and the lash are no longer de rigueur, organizers were able to provide free food and a cash bar. Celebrants were also treated to sea shanties, a history of the battle and life in Nelson's Royal Navy, and door prizes. We were also greeted by visitors from the past including American sea captain Jedediah Bartlett (creator of the Bartlett Pear) and a gentleman who claimed to be one of "Nelson's own" but most suspect was actually a Georgian fop from London's "Clubland".

The formal part of the evening ended with a toast to all those who served at Trafalgar (British, French, and Spanish) and all those at sea today.