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Theatre Evening 2007

Huntington Theatre Company "The Thirty-Nine Steps"
Friday September 14th, 2007

The Huntington Theatre Company presented the American premiere of a stage adaptation of John Buchan's "The Thirty-Nine Steps". The play, a "tongue-in-cheek thriller" with four actors taking on more than 150 roles, arriveed from London where it won the 2007 Olivier Award for Best New Comedy. Maria Aitken (St. Anne's, Oxford), who directed its West End run, was overseeing the Boston production and three of the original cast  replayed their roles here. More information about the play, which moved to New York after its Boston engagement, may be found on the Huntington web-site.

The Society extended an invitation to its members, and to friends in the English-Speaking Union, to a night at the Huntington on Friday, September 14th. The evening began with a wine and cheese reception from 7 -- 8 pm at the theatre's Rehearsal Hall. During this time Ms. Aitken, distinguished actress as well as director, gave a talk. After the performance the evening continued with a concluding reception, again in the Rehearsal Hall, when cast and crew joined us for further drinks.