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Spring Reception 2006

MIT Museum
John Durant (Queens College, Cambridge)

Our 2006 Spring Reception was held on the afternoon of Sunday, 5th February, at the MIT MUSEUM at 265 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts, from 2:00 - 5:00pm (see below).

It had ben several years since we first visited the MIT Museum and it proved to be an extremely popular afternoon event for the whole family. Both adults and children found an enormous variety of fascinating exhibits. Ever see a woman turn into a tiger? A chair explode and reassemble itself? Your own shadow freeze? Ever tell a fish where and how to swim? Ever watch robots play soccer? The Museum's galleries presented an exciting array of ongoing and changing exhibitions on science and technology, architecture and design, and oceanography and ship design.

John Durant (Queens College, Cambridge), the MIT Museum Director, gave us a short introductory presentation about his own background, the museums objectives and highlighting the role of educating and informing the public about science and technology.


Nick Copley,
Balliol College, Oxford
President of the Society

Reception: 2pm to 5pm
Introduction by John Durant: 2:30pm approx