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Oxford Education Society Panel & Reception, Monday August 3, 2015

Children’s early development and new technologies: what do researchers and teachers think?

A report on this event, together with photographs, is posted on the OES web site:

Natalia Kucirkova, Ph.D, researcher and lecturer at The Open University (UK) leads an event for researchers, teachers, parents, developers, and policy makers.


Dr Natalia Kucirkova graduated in Psychology, holds a Masters in Research Methods and a Doctorate in Education. She worked at the Oxford University Education Department, pursued a pre-doctoral fellowship at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and currently works as Lecturer in Developmental Psychology at The Open University. Her research concerns innovative ways of supporting shared book reading, digital literacy, community engagement and the role of personalisation in early years. Natalia’s doctoral research inspired the development of the Our Story tablet/smartphone app. She was involved in the production of the MOOC “Childhood in the digital age” and a national survey of parents’ perception of children’s media use at home.  She has been commended for her engagement with teachers and parents at a national and international level.   



Prof Paul Harris is interested in the early development of cognition, emotion and imagination. Prof Harris studied psychology at the University of Sussex and the University of Oxford, and in 1980, he moved to Oxford where he became a professor of developmental psychology and fellow of St John's College. He migrated to Harvard University in 2001, where he holds the Victor S. Thomas Professorship of Education. Currently, he is studying how far children rely on their own first-hand observation or, alternatively, trust what other people tell them—especially when they try to understand a domain of knowledge in which first-hand observation is difficult. His latest book –Trusting what you’re told: How children learn from others – was published in 2012 by Harvard University Press.


Prof Barry Zuckerman is Professor and Chair Emeritus of Pediatrics at Boston University School of Medicine/Boston Medical Center. He is a national and international leader in child health and development. His research focuses on the interplay among biological, social and psychological factors as they contribute to children's health and development. Dr. Zuckerman and colleagues have developed four programs that transformed health care to better meet the needs of low income and minority children. The success of these efforts is that they are now all national programs; Reach Out and Read, Medical-Legal Partnership, Health Leads and Healthy Steps.


Maggie Van Camp is a Pre K Sheltered English Immersion Teacher for Boston Public Schools. She is passionate about developmental early childhood education. She holds masters in Art Education and bachelors in Fine Art (Photography) from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. In her doctorate studies at Lesley she studies Early Childhood Education with a special focus on learning through the arts, issues in urban public schooling and play. 

Sandra Marquez is a Kindergarten Sheltered English Immersion Teacher in the Boston Public Schools.  She is dedicated to creating a democratic classroom where each child can recognize and develop their own expertise in order to express their learning.  She has been teaching for seven years and has a Bachelors degree in Child Development from Tufts University and is working towards her Masters degree at Fitchburg State University.