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Head of the Charles

Sunday 18th October 2009.

The Society organized a reception tent in the Reunion Village at the Head of the Charles on Sunday 18th October. Several hardy members of the Society braved the rain and snow (yes snow in mid-October) to enjoy eh camaraderie.

The Reunion Village is located by the Weeks Footbridge, on the Boston side of the Charles River near the Harvard Business School. It's a great place to socialize, watch the racing and meet up with fellow alumni and friends.

Several alumni and members of the Society were racing at the Regatta including:

Event 1 Grand-Master Singles Men [50+]
Bow # 67 Thames Rowing Club, Ian Prichard, (Cambridge)

Event 3 Senior-Master Singles Men [40+]
Bow # 28 Cambridge Boat Club, Blair Crawford (Oxford)

Event 5 Senior-Master Eights Men [50+]
Boat # 22 Cambridge Boat Club - A crew John Lambert (Cambridge)
Boat # 34 Cambridge Boat Club - B crew Roger Cheever (Cambridge) , John Born (Cambridge), Ned Cooke (Oxford)

Event 6 Senior-Master Eights Women [50+]
Bow # 18 Cambridge Boat Club, Natasha Strom (Oxford)

Event 7 Senior Master Four Men [50+]
Bow 9 Cambridge Boat Club - Tim Fulham (Oxford), Nigel Gallaher (Cambridge )
Bow 16 XPress Boat Club - Chris Lloyd (Cambridge)

Event 11 Alumni Eight
Bow 2 Crabtree - the Cambridge University Alumni Boat Club (mostly ex-Blues)

Event 23 Master Eights Men [40+]
Bow # 3 Molesey - Jonny Searle (Oxford, Olympic Gold 1992, Olympic Bronze 1996), and Matthew Pinsent (Oxford, Olympic Gold 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004)

Event 27 Collegiate Fours Men
Bow # 26 Downing College, Cambridge University

Event 53 Championship Eights Men
Bow # 9 Molesey - Andrew Triggs-Hodge (Oxford, Olympic Gold 2008)
Bow # 20 Leander Club and Bow 23 Star and Arrow - several UK National Team members - likely including Oxford and Cambridge rowers)

Event 54 Championship Eights Women:
Bow # 2 ASR Nereus, aka Womens' "Great Eight", a mix of World and Olympic medalists - including Anna Bebington (Cambridge, Olymmpic Bronze 2008) and Annie Vernon (Cambridge, Olympic Silver 2008). They won the women's championship eights event.

The other highlight of this years Regatta was the "Great 8", made up of the worlds top scullers, including the top 6 finalists from the Beijing Olympics. They raced and won the mens championship 8's event at 4.20 on Sunday afternoon.

The Society provided light refreshments in our tent and beer, wine and other food was available in the central catering tent.