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The Syrian Refugee Crisis: The UN Resilience Agenda, Wednesday May 18 2016

The Oxford and Cambridge Society presents a reception, talk and discussion on this vital & topical subject.

Dr Nazia Mintz-Habib is a University Lecturer in Public Policy, Research Director of Resilience and Sustainable Development Programme, and a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre of Development Studies at Cambridge University as well as a fellow of the Isaac Newton Trust and the Cambridge Malaysian Commonwealth Studies Center. Dr. Mintz-Habib's notable achievements in 2016 include her appointments as lead author for the United Nations Development Program Dead-Sea Resilience Agenda and as the University of Cambridge’s Director of Resilience and Sustainable Development research programme in the Department of Politics and International Studies. Her latest book Biofuels, Food Security, and Developing Economies was published this past January.

Prior to joining Cambridge, Dr. Mintz-Habib held research fellowships at Harvard, MIT and Columbia University. Her research interests focus on identifying pathways to improve sustainable development in developing countries by scaling up the global value chain, connecting policies with evidence, and leveraging technologies. In her new book she develops a framework of Institutional Feasibility Study to determine the depth and condition of institutions connecting states and markets through global value chains. As a policy adviser to international agencies, she has worked with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) to implement policy proposals for the United Nations (UN) on sustainable development and climate change related issues.

In her talk, Dr. Mintz-Habib will focus on:
  • new trends in development discourse and resilience-based development approach
  • “relief now, development later” does not work in response to the Syria crisis or other similar protracted crises
  • work with UN on designing resilience-based development, especially for the Syrian sub-regional development
  • current and forthcoming challenges and opportunities to address resilience-based development
  • her current role as the Research Director of Resilience and Sustainable Development Programme at Cambridge 

The cost of this event is $40 per person. The event is open to Oxford & Cambridge Society members and their guests, to reserve your places please book online here. Reservations should be made by Monday, May 16.

Sincerely,                                                                 Reception: 6:00 pm

 Dona Cady                                                            Talk: 6:45 pm, 
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