You are cordially invited to

The Ancient Universities Alumni Burns Nicht

Cambridge Boat Club, Cambridge

Saturday, January 15, 2011


The evening will begin with a reception with open bar starting at 5:30pm.  A bagpipe and drum demonstration and a performance by Highland Dance Boston will follow.  The pipers, Jim Lundt and Thomas Child, the drummer, Colum Lundt, and Highland Dance Boston will lead the procession to dinner at 7pm.  Soloist Kirsty Lonergan will sing. After dinner, the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society will perform and then lead in Country Dancing until 11:30pm.

You can view the complete programme here.

Attire for gentlemen will be black tie (kilt, of course), or lounge suit. We remind those who plan to come that we give a commitment to our caterers several days before the dinner, and that after that point we are unable to refund any payment. The cost of the dinner is $130 per person. Registration is now closed; if you wish to join the wait list in case we have cancellations, please contact Dr. RIchard Mansfield at .

Directions to the Cambridge Boat Club can be found here; should you wish to rent a kilt for the event, you can find possible sources here.


Steve McCarthy

Stephen J. McCarthy, Corpus Christi (Oxon.), President of the Society