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Broad Institute Lecture & Reception, Wednesday September 14 2011

You are cordially invited to this lecture and reception at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard in its 7 Cambridge Center building.  Dr. Nick Patterson, Trinity Hall Cambridge, a scientist at the Broad Institute, will present a lecture on the topic Human Genetic History: Neandertals and Their Relatives.

Analysis of the fossil record has revealed much about human ancestors from the past six million years.  Now DNA analysis has significantly increased our knowledge, especially with the sequencing of the Neandertal genome.  Neandertal DNA and the discovery of a different source of human-like DNA in a cave in Denisova located in Siberia has revealed surprising interconnections for modern humans.

The lecture will be followed by a reception with light refreshments and soft drinks in the lobby area of the Center, which also contains exhibits relating to the work of the Institute in various fields. See for more information.

The cost of this event is $20 per person.  For alumni new to the Society, this includes one year membership of the Society.  Please be sure to make your reservation before Friday, September 9th.  You can either book on-line, or print the reservation form and mail it in with your check.

Lecture:   6:00pm                                                                  Sincerely,                   

Reception:  7:30pm                                                               David Manns

Location: Broad Institute, Cambridge MA                        David G Manns, Trinity (Cantab.)
                                                                                                     President of the Society


Directions to the Broad Institute:

The Broad Institute’s 7 Cambridge Center Building is located at 415 Main Street, Cambridge near to the Kendall Square T-station.

There are both on-street metered parking and parking garages nearby