Please use 'Print page' link at the bottom of the page, print, complete and mail with your check as directed below.
 Reservation Request

This event is open to members of the Oxford and Cambridge Society of New England, Inc. and their guests.  To reserve places, please complete and return this form together with a check for the total amount, payable to Oxford and Cambridge Society of New England, Inc.  Non-members, who are not guests of members, please add $20 for membership in the Oxford and Cambridge Society.  Deadline for reservations: Friday June 1, 2012Please mail to:

                Dr. Richard J.W. Mansfield, Reservations 
                225 Walden Street, Apt. 2-s 
                Cambridge MA 02140

You may also contact Dr. Mansfield via E-mail at:
Please note: Wine and drinks at the reception and dinner are included in the price.

Boat Race Dinner, Saturday June 9, 2012
Cambridge Boat Club, Cambridge, MA

            Please reserve _______ place(s) for me @ $95 each                                      

            Please reserve _______ place(s) for me @ $75 each (student members)

Total enclosed $ _______

            Choice of Entrees:      Grilled Beef Kebab          _______ 

            (Please indicate         Grilled Salmon                _______ 

            numbers)                   Vegetable Quiche           _______ 

            Name: ______________________________________________

            College: ____________________________________________

            Street Address: ________________________________Daytime Phone:_____________

            City/State/Zip: ___________________________________________________________

            Email Address:___________________________________________________________

Guests and Colleges, if applicable____________________________________________